Euphoric Feet Review: Insoles That Can Eliminate Body Pain for Good

What’s better than a foot massage after a tiring day at work? Getting your feet massaged all day long! There’s no need to spend hundreds on expensive spa. We recently found a product that combines the ancient practice of reflexology with new-age technologies – the Euphoric Feet insoles.

Massage Your Way to Better Health

Taking inspiration from the ancient Chinese practice of reflexology, Euphoric Feet can actually massage your way to better health.

For example, did you know that there are over 20,000 nerve endings (per sole) that correspond to an area of your body?

That’s right, your overall body health directly depends on your feet! Those terrible back pains, digestion problems, and even the level of stress and toxins in your body can be reduced with the help of reflexology.

Euphoric Feet has 407 points for each foot:

  • 12 acupoints for your foot’s arch
  • 120 for general massage & soothing
  • 270 for increasing circulation
  • 5 cooling magnets that produce gentle magnetic waves.

This acupressure technology was created to fully relieve tension and make you feel full of energy even if you have to walk for long hours during the day.

You’ll find that Euphoric Feet insoles are light and fit all sizes for both women & men, so it’s a great gift for your loved ones who suffer from any kind of pain.

How Does It Work?

Created to improve your overall body health, Euphoric Feet targets the following areas with precise magnetic acupoints:

Solar Plexus Reflex

One of the most powerful points in foot reflexology – your center chakra. By stimulating the upper pad on your sole, Euphoric Feet decreases stress levels and boost your body’s overall tolerance for stress.

Adrenal Reflex

Your adrenal reflex point is located at your foot’s core arch. When stimulated, it encourages a boost in energy and endurance. That means, Euphoric Feet could actually help you burn calories and feel more alert!

Digestive Reflex

The reflex point located at the center of your core arch is responsible for your digestion. Stimulating it will help you absorb more nutrients, increase healthy bacteria and reduce bloating.

Sciatic Reflex

To relax your muscles from cramping and get rid of back pain, Euphoric Feet directly stimulates your sciatic reflex point. That’s the nerve that starts at your lower back and ends at your heel.

Waste Elimination Reflex

Stimulating foot’s core arch can trigger your waste elimination reflex. That would relieve constipation, release excess toxins in your body and even make your skin clearer!

All in all, Euphoric Feet is an excellent product for people who work on their feet, have back pain, want to have more energy or just get their feet massaged with every step they take. Say goodbye to aches and pains, and hello to your new energy-filled life – no matter your shoe size.
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