Huddy – Transform Your Smartphone into a Driving Display

Here’s a fantastic product for all the drivers out there. It’s sleek design and new approach eliminates the need for a bulky and robotic satnav. Instead, Huddy can transform your smartphone into a hands-free driving display. Recently, this product has been taking the internet by storm and it’s easy to see why.

A New Kind of Hands-Free Driving Display

Huddy is a head-up display, known as a HUD, that’s transparent display allows the user to seek directions and traffic information without averting their gaze from the road. You’ll no longer need to make quick and confused glances at your satnav because Huddy is completely see-through.

Huddy allows you to access your mapping apps and all the driving information you’ll need by projecting your phone screen seamlessly onto your windshield. It’ll even project your car performance stats, including the speedometer, fuel gauge, and dials. It’s fully compatible with all Android and iPhones.

How To Use It

It’s super simple to get started too, you just plug it in and go. Huddy works with all cars that have a cigarette lighter socket or diagnostic port. Then once it’s plugged in, mount the projector and transparent glass display and connect Huddy wirelessly to your phone.

Bonus points: the device will charge your phone as it works, so you’ll never need to worry about the battery dying.

Compared to other competing devices, Huddy is completely vibration-free and won’t move and shake affecting your view. It also works perfectly no matter the lighting conditions, as the device has a built-in light sensor that will adapt to it’s surrounding. So, you can be confident in bright sunlight and at nighttime, too.  This device is a total game-changer and sure to be the future of hands-free vehicle mapping.