Selfie Drone 7S: A Pocket-Size Gadget That Will Take Your Selfies to the Next Level

Own a selfie stick? You can throw it in the trash. Trust me, I’ve found something way better – a selfie drone! It’s a powerful (yet very affordable!) pocket-sized gadget that was designed for taking selfies.

Snap a Perfect Profile Photo

It’s funny to think that until very recently, drones were only accessible for the government and military (valued above $1000!). Now, we can purchase them online and use for something as simple as a selfie! Pretty cool, right?

Selfie Drone 7S has a high-quality light sensor, so you’ll be able to take the unique pictures at any height you like.

Don’t forget about bringing it to parties and family get-togethers, too! When it comes to group photos, Selfie Drone 7S is irreplaceable. Finally, no one has to hold the camera or be left out!

Take Stunning Landscape Pictures

What I found super convenient, is that you can take Selfie Drone7S everywhere you like. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in your backpack or purse.

In fact, it’s so small, you can carry it in your pocket!

That’s what makes it great for traveling – you can capture larger angles and photograph landscapes form various heights. That’s something your phone, or even a professional camera will never be able to do…

How to Use It?

Simply connect it to your smartphone and you’ll get real-time view of what your drone sees. You won’t need to buy extra memory cards – Selfie Drone 7S saves all photos and videos directly to your phone.

There’s integrated battery charging, so Selfie Drone 7S can fly up to 9 minutes. Also, with the one-button return function, the drone can find its way back home easily!

Want to make every moment unique?

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